My first film production: A Lifetime Mission

I had the privilege to meet the missionary Pauline Rosenbalm in Brazil. She was the kind of person who you touch your heart and change your life with all the love she would share to everyone. After helping her ministry for some years, I ended up becoming part of her family, by marrying her niece.

And what an honor it was to be invited by the family to produce a documentary about her life! I’ve always been a photographer, and I’ve made some videos, but nothing like a film… but I was decided to be part of this project, specially because it was one of her last wills: to have her story told.

After 6 months gathering information, documents, pictures, etc.  I started the interviews with the family and filming the first scenes. We decided to use family members as  the actors, to make it even more special.  And then I flew to Brazil… 11 cities in 2 states.  Places I’d never been, and places I loved to be back.

And here is the trailer to the documentary. If you want to watch the full documentary (90 min), please, get in contact and I’ll be glad to give you a link to it.

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