For 30 years my biggest passion was photography. Until 2017… when I was challenged with the production of a documentary.  A solo production…  from choosing equipment, writing the script,  interviewing, researching documents and history, and traveling to another 11 cities overseas to follow the steps of the missionary I was telling the story about.  Plus editing hundreds of videos into a single 90 minutes film.

To read more about the documentary, Click Here.

I absolutely fell in love with video production!!!!!  It puts so much together:  images, sound, movements, telling a whole story … true or fiction …. it doesn’t matter. It’s so exciting !

So I created a production company called 353 Studios. And right after my first production, my city, Bristol, (TN/VA) ran a video contest. And …. I won !!!! With a short film, with a touch of romance and comedy, promoting the city, I won the category People’s choice.  (and the name of the video was  “The Choice” .  🙂

To watch the video, Click Here.

Now I’m working on some video commercials, and writing the script of a couple of projects, from short film, to a feature drama and a series with 24 episodes. I wont stop anymore !!!!!!!